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(8-25-2016) Linda Gassenheimer’s annual “back-to-school” lunch edition. We learn what’s in store for school meals and after school activities in Broward & Dade. Guests: Penny Parham, Administrative Director, Department of Food and Nutrition, Miami-Dade County Schools Mary Mulder, Director Food Nutrition Services for Broward County Schools Dinner in Minutes: Roast Chicken Pasta Salad

(8-25-2016) Today’s Topical Currents features a blend of songs and stories about our National Park Service, with Biscayne National Park rangers Gary Bremen and Megan Davenport. Besides incredible vistas and wildlife, the Parks contribute moving human stories.

(8-24-2016) Today’s Topical Currents is an “At Your Service” edition, with a focus on employee rights and legalities in the workplace. We’ll visit with regular contributor, attorney and author, Donna Ballman. She’s the author of STAND UP FOR YOURSELF WITHOUT GETTING FIRED , and represents employees in workplace disputes. We take listener calls throughout the hour.

(8-23-2016) Today’s Topical Currents considers how individuals and small organizations can have meaningful impact on regional issues. The bromide, “You can’t fight City Hall,” is commonplace . . . for many citizens feel helpless before government officials and special interests. We hear from two experts who know the ropes: Miami-Dade Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava, and public defense attorney and quintessential...

(8-22-2016) Today’s Topical Currents looks at a rising inequality gap, and how it can modify a kid’s family life, neighborhoods and schools. The rich have always had advantages . . . but in today’s landscape, it’s increasing. We visit with Harvard Public Policy professor Robert Putnam, whose latest work is OUR KIDS: The American Dream in Crisis . Putnam also wrote the highly praised Bowling Alone book. <...

Please Don't Tell

Aug 20, 2016

(8-18-2016) Food and Dining: Miami Spice Months with Bill Talbert, President and CEO Greater Miami Convention and Business Bureau, and Beaker and Gray Chef, Brian Nasajon. Bill gives us tips on how to navigate the offering for this year’s Miami Spice – August and September - $39 for a 3 course dinner, $23 for lunch. Brian will talk about why he decided to participate and will bring us a taste of his Miami Spice menu. Dinner in Minutes: Thai Beef Pasta Salad Fred Tasker gives his wine...

(8-18-2016) Do you pride yourself on getting the best bargains? Then don’t miss today’s Topical Currents. We chat with the Sun-Sentinel columnist who never pays full-price for ANYTHING . . . Doreen Christensen. Learn about oodles of back-to-school deals - even including new student loan discounts.

(8-17-2016) Identity theft is now so commonplace that it’s nearly a “not IF, but WHEN” situation. On Today’s Topical Currents we learn just how pervasive these attacks are. There really are NO airtight passwords, and internet and social media use helps criminals discover User-ID questions. In a TC rebroadcast, We speak with Adam Levin, author of SWIPED: HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF IN A WORLD FULL OF SCAMMERS, PHISHERS, AND...

(8-16-2016) Now’s the most chancy part of hurricane season. Have you thought about pet care during a storm? A good idea is to get a microchip for dogs and cats at the vet. And where will that kitty or pooch ride out the storm? Some shelters allow pets, others don’t. Listen for our veterinarian “At Your Service” pet care edition of Topical Currents, where we share significant information, and also, take...

(8-15-2016) Today’s Topical Currents chronicles Florida’s worst disaster: the Hurricane of 1928. In total, some 7,000 lives were lost, about 2,500 in Florida. The storm tossed the waters of mammoth Lake Okeechobee into the marshes to the south. In the aftermath, some 700 African-Americans were buried in a mass grave. We learn more of the tragedy from reporter and historian Elliott Kleinberg, author of BLACK CLOUD ....


Aug 13, 2016

STONE CRAB GAZPACHO Norman & Justin Van Aken © Excerpted from, “MY KEY WEST KITCHEN”, Kyle Books What soup could be more perfect in the late afternoon of a hot day to fuel a young cook, (that I once was)? It is descended from the Romans and its construction originally could not have originally involved tomatoes at all. Columbus changed that and, to my belly, all for the better. It is one of the few soups that contain a vinegar. Buy...

(8-9-2016) In the Sunshine State, one would assume solar to be a dominant energy source. So why is Florida one of only four U.S. states without distributed consumer solar power? Today’s Topical Currents reviews the state’s solar issues, including two state Constitutional questions: Amendments One and Four. Amendment Four is on the August 30 th primary ballot, but Amendment One is slated for November. We...

(8-8-2016) Today's Topical Currents looks at the plight of captive animals, and the growing movement to free or retire them. We visit with the founder and director of Animal Hero Kids, Susan Hargreaves, as well as activist Wendy King, and Dr. Ian Kupkee of Sabal Chase Animal Clinic in Miami. Resources:


Aug 6, 2016

CLAMS CASINO © 2016 All Rights Reserved by Norman Van Aken Yield: 60 Pieces 60 littleneck clams, well scrubbed and shucked, clam ‘liquor’ reserved 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin olive oil 3 jalapeños , stemmed, seeded and minced 1 red onion, peeled and diced small ½ bulb fennel, finely diced Heat a heavy pan. Add the Olive Oil. Now sauté the jalapeños , onion and fennel in a skillet over high heat in the olive oil. Season with...