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05/20/15 - Tune in for Wednesday’s Topical Currents, when we broach the disorder of chronic pain. At least 100-million Americans suffer from it. 

That’s more than those who suffer heart disease, cancer and diabetes, combined. We’ll learn about new interventional techniques, including localized nerve blocks and fluoroscopy video images.  Our Guests: Dr. Ira Fox, M.D., founder of Anesthesia Pain Care Consultants and Judy Foreman, author of “A Nation in Pain”That’s Topical Currents on chronic pain . . . Wednesday at 1pm.

05/19/15 - Tune in for Tuesday’s Topical Currents for a discussion of condo and homeowner association issues in an “At Your Service” edition.

We’ll visit with Fort-Lauderdale-based attorney Donna Berger, and of course, take your calls. She’s been at the forefront of legislation and issues confronting common interest ownership communities for many years. That’s Topical Currents . . . "At Your Service" Tuesday at 1pm.

05/18/15 - Last month marked the fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  It took 87-days before the oil was capped.

Paul Leary

05/15/15 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, you can enjoy another exciting studio performance. One of the greatest names on violin in European Jazz comes to Florida to continue his stateside career. Catch the magnificent talents of Vitali Imereli as he performs with his superb trio. A protégé of the legendary Jazz violinist, Stephane Grappelli, Mr. Imereli is poised to become an international Jazz star.

05/12/15 - On the next Topical Currents, we go “At Your Service,” with workplace and employment law, and Fort Lauderdale-based attorney Donna Ballman

We’ll give an update on employment-related Florida laws passed during the past Legislative Session, and also cover such issues as non-compete agreements, severance negotiations, and overtime regulations.  That’s Topical Currents . . . “At Your Service” . . . Tuesday at 1pm on Topical Currents.

05/11/15 - Tune in for Monday’s Topical Currents when we visit with prolific South Florida-based author Les Standiford.

05/08/15 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, Christopher Cook, Executive Director and Gean Moreno, Artistic Director of the non-profit Cannonball are dedicated to supporting artists. We’ll find out about their latest programs. Contributor Judith Bishop speaks with Julia Andrews, Executive Director of the Coral Springs Museum of Art about exciting upcoming exhibitions and events.

05/07/15 - 1:30 - Syndicated food columnist Linda Gassenheimer, Special wine correspondent Fred Tasker and WLRN hosts Joseph Cooper and Bonnie Berman interview TV celebrity, Ingrid Hoffmann.

05/07/15 - Join us for Thursday’s Topical Currents when we begin with child sexual abuse advocate, Lauren Book.