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04/16/15 - On the next Topical Currents we begin with an American from Key West who’s long lived in England . . . and her amusing take on our common language.

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04/14/15 - Tune in for Tuesday’s Topical Currents and a discussion of solar energy . . . in the Sunshine State. The Florida Legislature is not on board to allow consumers to buy solar-generated electricity from non-monopoly corporations.  It’s one of five U.S. states that make such a restriction. However, FPL is a national leader in power company solar investment. GUESTS In-studio: Steve Smith, Exec.

04/13/15 - Join us Monday, when Topical Currents focuses on kidney transplants—and the crucial shortage of donor organs. A kidney donation doesn’t change life expectancy, nor increase one’s risk of renal failure. We speak with the Director of Kidney Transplantation at UM/Jackson Hospital, Dr. Michael Goldstein, as well as both a kidney donor . . . and donee. That’s Topical Currents, Monday at 1pm.

04/30/15 - Syndicated food columnist Linda Gassenheimer, Special wine correspondent Fred Tasker and WLRN hosts Joseph Cooper and Bonnie Berman interview Claudine Pepin, author of Kids Cook French,

03/27/15 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, our classical contributor, Charles Greenfield speaks with Executive Director Carlene Sawyer about upcoming Dranoff International Two Piano Foundation events and Bang The Ivories.

03/26/15 - Do you often rave about a favorite restaurant?  Do like to experience a new spot, or travel a bit to get to one?  Then you’ll love Thursday’s Topical Currents . . .

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03/24/15 - Has the allure of vitamins as an emblem of health affected common sense about diet? What about supplements?  Many on store shelves don’t even contain what’s listed on the label.

03/23/15 - Monday’s Topical Currents is with veteran South Florida investigative reporter Dan Christensen, Editor of The Florida Bulldog.  We’ll focus on Broward issues, and take listener calls.Discussion issues involve Broward School Board bidding procedures . . . and a federal investigation into the North Broward Hospital District’s Medicare and Medicaid claim processes.

03/20/15 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, we celebrate Miami Beach’s 100th anniversary with legendary PR-man, Charlie Cinnamon and South Florida historian and writer, Seth Bramson. Join us for a historical tour of the former mangrove sandbar that transformed into one of the greatest resort cities in the world. We’ll also include Chef Norman Van Aken with A Word On Food and our Miami-Dade County arts calendar featuring Deborah Margol.

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03/19/13 - Thursday’s Topical Currents: Our resident chef, author and syndicated columnist, Linda Gassenheimer, speaks about diabetes:  which foods should be avoided--and what’s OK for meals, snacks—even desserts. Linda says diabetic fare doesn’t mean a table of steamed veggies and broiled fish.  She’s the author of five books pertaining to diabetes and cuisine. Tune in Thursday at 1pm for Topical Currents.