'The Inheritors Of Everything Are Crows, Rats And Lizards'

Michael Tilson Thomas composition rooted in a poem by Carl Sandburg was 40 years in the making and influenced by Gershwin, Stravinksy and James Brown.

Tim Padgett / WLRN.org

After weeks of controversy – and a surprising change by Cuban President Raúl Castro – the first U.S. cruise ship in more than 50 years set sail for Cuba on Sunday.

But this was a historic maiden voyage that almost never left port. That’s because the Miami-based Carnival cruise line became the target of protests last month by Cuban-Americans, who were angry about a Cuban rule that barred anyone born in Cuba from entering the island by sea.

Miami Herald

We begin The Florida Roundup with corruption in Opa-locka. The Miami Herald uncovered a months-long investigation by the FBI that includes extortion and bribery in the city involving a commissioner, the city manager and a former cop.

There are many qualities of a great teacher. Two big ones? Kindness and a willingess to make learning fun. At least that's what Marlem Diaz-Brown's fourth-graders say.

For our 50 Great Teachers project, we've searched all over for teachers like her. Which brought us to Sunset Elementary School in Miami ... and "Mrs. D-B."

Fish & Chips

Apr 30, 2016

WLRN Welcomes Public To New Southernmost Studio

Apr 29, 2016
Gwen Filosa / For WLRN

Royal blue with a large delivery-style basket at its helm, the official newsgathering bicycle of WLRN's Keys bureau was delivered in style Friday to veteran journalist Nancy Klingener.

"It shows that they get Key West and how we live here," said Klingener, a Massachusetts native who has called Key West home for 25 years.

WLRN News opened the bureau on the third floor of The Studios of Key West in early March.

Go Fund Me / Caitlin Walsh

What began as one principal’s decision to change a fundraising event from tackle to a flag football game has flared into a controversy over sexism and tradition entangling scores of frustrated students and parents, the Palm Beach County School Board and the Jupiter Town Council.

Amy Green

 The problem in the southern Indian River Lagoon is Lake Okeechobee.

An abundance of polluted water from the state’s largest lake is turning the lagoon’s normally aquamarine water brown and murky and endangering oysters, seagrass and other marine life.

The Lake Okeechobee water spreads across the Indian River Lagoon like a shadow. From the sky the boundary between dark and aquamarine is clear.

Chuck Mitchell stands on his dock as the water rushes past. He is angry.

“Ever have to flush your toilet twice? It looks like the first time. It’s that bad.”

Florida International University

Floridians have been finding ways to get above high water for thousands of years, going back to the “tree islands” that helped Seminole and Calusa tribes stay dry in the Everglades. But rising seas could soon force wholesale changes in the way our cities and towns operate. At Florida International University, this reality has prompted an inter-disciplinary architecture studio where students are experimenting with designs for climate change.


Pedro Portal / Miami Herald

Since the U.S. and Cuba normalized relations, we’ve seen a lot of dialogue between government officials and business executives. But what about artists?

Fifteen artists from Cuba are in Miami this week as part of a new exchange project called Dialogues in Cuban Art.

It’s organized by the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and Miami art curator Elizabeth Cerejido - and it’s brought Cuban and Cuban-American artists together to share not just styles but also ideas about the role art can play in this new era of U.S.-Cuba relations.

A School Field Trip, For Parents!

Apr 28, 2016
Sue Stocker/Sun Sentinel

Faced with the issue of low parent involvement, Plantation Elementary decided to turn the field trip on its head.


On Monday it was the parents who climbed on board a school bus while the students spent their day in class.


I spoke to the principal of the school, Judith Pitter, about where she got the idea for a parents-only field trip.



Where did you get the idea for a parents-only field trip?


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