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Mar 20, 2017

WLRN is South Florida's Storyteller Station.  Our award winning original documentaries brings you many intriguing stories, even those of international interest.


A first-hand account by last-known survivor Samuel Willenberg about his life during the Holocaust and as a Jewish inmate of the Treblinka death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

  Samuel Willenberg was the last living survivor of the Treblinka death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland where an estimated 900,000 Jews were murdered in a period of just 13 months at the height of World War II. He was still haunted 70 years later by the horrors he witnessed as a young forced laborer, Samuel immortalized the Treblinka story in a series of bronze sculptures of the tragic victims who have dwelled indelibly in his memory like ghosts.

The sculptures, together with archival footage and photographs from the period, illustrate Samuel’s riveting narrative, telling a singularly powerful and personal story of the annihilation of Polish Jewry in the death camps built by the Germans to carry out Hitler’s infamous Final Solution.


 We also bring you stories of culture that are exciting, diverse and colorful.


Take a wild ride into the riot of color, creativity and chaos that is Miami's street art scene.

Streets of Wynwood follows several artists from around the globe who converge on Miami's arts district to transform it's streets into a kaleidoscope of color.  Every year during Art Basel, they  paint the walls of Wynwood in preparation for the annual art extravaganza. “Streets of Wynwood” was filmed with several camera crews over the course of two Art Basels, going inside the world of the street artists who did the honors, introducing a diverse brigade of taggers, muralists and graffiti artists that come together in Miami once a year to put their paint on a piece of prized art world real estate.

And personal stories of courage and resilience that inspires the fighter in all of us.  



Oceans of Pink highlights the rise in popularity of dragon boat racing among breast cancer survivors across Florida and the participation in the sport among Hispanic women. A third in a triology about the birth of dragon boat racing in South Florida, the film follows the efforts of Miami boat leader Kim Bonomo, herself a survivor, to expand the movement with new teams throughout the state and her campaign to make Florida the host of the Fourth International Participatory Dragon Boat Festival.

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