WLRN TV Channel 17 is developing a new documentary called “The story of Treblinka” in conjunction with Dr. Berenbaum one of the world's leading authorities on the history of the Treblinka death camp in Nazi occupied Poland.

The entire Treblinka project will take approximately two years to complete at a total cost currently estimated at $500,000.  Treblinka comprises one of the least known seminal stories of that history. It was a death camp—not a concentration camp—designed for the efficient extermination of human cargo by the trainload upon arrival.

The documentary will record a disturbing chronicle of the design and operation of the two Treblinka camps to enslave and murder nearly a million Jewish men, women, and children in the 14 months between July 1942 and the unprecedented inmate uprising in the Treblinka II death camp in August 1943.

The Treblinka television documentary and its associated curricular materials will preserve and extend the lessons of Treblinka to new generations.

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Dr. Michael Berenbaum

Dr. Berenbaum is a renowned historian of the Holocaust, and former Director of the U.S. Holocaust  Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

He was the Executive Editor of the Second Edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica that reworked, transformed, improved, broadened and deepened, the now classic 1972 work and consists of 22 volumes, sixteen million words with 25,000 individual contributions to Jewish knowledge.

Dr. Berenbaum is the author and editor of twenty books, scores of scholarly articles, and hundreds of journalistic pieces. He has held teaching posts at Florida State University, yale University, Georgetown University, Wesleyan University, George Washington University and the University of Maryland, College Park.