Chat: The Rise, Demise And Revise Of Jewish Delis

Nov 21, 2013

Credit Daniel Krieger / Flickr CC

As part of our coverage of the Miami Book Fair International, WLRN invites you to join a live chat with author Michael Ruhlman ("The Book of Schmaltz") at 3:30 p.m. this Thursday, Nov. 21.

Ruhlman will join Miami Jewish-food lovers and experts Joshua Marcus of Josh's Deli, Danny Serfer of Blue Collar and Billy Corben of Rakontur Films. The guests will recount the importance and history of Jewish food in Miami's culture, focusing on the renaissance of the Jewish deli.

The chat will be held via Twitter right here on, and hosted by interactivity producer Elaine Chen and Miami Dish editor Trina Sargalski.

Join by tweeting us your questions and comments at @WLRN with the hashtag #WLRNfood.