Remembering Andrew

The Jock

Aug 9, 2012
Florida State Archives

We’re psyched to be able to share a piece of archival Hurricane Andrew ephemera from a familiar voice for some South Florida radio listeners. Joe Johnson has been a DJ at Majic 102.7 for the last 25 years. He hosts the nationally syndicated “Beatle Brunch” show. A couple of days after Hurricane Andrew hit, Johnson was on the air doing his part. He was feeling a little helpless, so he started,

Kindness Awards

Aug 3, 2012

One of the themes that’s emerged as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew , is how the storm inspired a lot of good intentions , as well as just pure kindness. In 2002, Homestead sought to commemorate the tenth year anniversary of the storm. The area had been, by far, the hardest hit during the storm. Judy Waldman was on the Homestead City Council the year Homestead was planning the commemoration. She said what struck her most about the time following the hurricane was the...

One Tough Little Girl

Aug 1, 2012
Luc Cohen

For Susan Holtzman, the really terrifying parts of Hurricane Andrew didn’t begin until the day after the storm. Susan was nine months pregnant at Baptist Hospital in Kendall. It was the day before she was due to give birth. She compares what she saw to a movie: …the railroad yard scene in

Lost and Found

Jul 27, 2012
Hurricane Andrew: Path of Destruction

When Hurricane Andrew hit, Debbie Wehking from Kendall was relieved that the people in her life were okay, but as the years went by, Wehking started to miss some of the things Andrew...

The Flamingo Photo

Jul 26, 2012
Ron Magill

One of the most iconic images of Hurricane Andrew is a photograph of flamingos, huddling on their toothpick legs in a tiled bathroom. Ron Magill, now communications director for Zoo Miami, snapped that picture after he and other staff (of then Miami Metrozoo) rounded up the flamingos and put them in the bathroom for safety. I remember thinking, gosh, you know, this hurricane better come after all this work because I’m working my butt off and it better not be for nothing. In 1992, Magill was...

The Green Blotch: Hurricane Andrew Through A Six-Year-Old's Eyes

Jul 12, 2012
Danny Rivero

Danny Rivero is our social media editor here at WLRN. You don’t hear his voice on the radio, but Danny’s is the voice of WLRN on Twitter , Facebook, and Tumblr . In 1992, he was six years old and living in Fairfax County, Virginia, but he happened to be visiting Miami during Hurricane Andrew. Around the same time, he’d been listening to tapes of the story, “The War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles. His mom would play them for Danny and his brother, Alexis, before they went to bed at night....

My Mother's Hands

Jul 6, 2012
Geoffrey Philp

Geoffrey Philp shared his story and poem about an old transistor radio with Kenny Malone on WLRN. Philp inherited that radio from his mother, who carried it with her from home to home, even as they moved in Jamaica and later, around Florida. It was the radio he listened to during Hurricane Andrew. Even though the radio no longer works, Philp can’t bring himself to get rid of it. Philp is a poet, novelist, playwright and English professor at Miami-Dade College. Below is an homage he wrote to...