Remembering Andrew

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We're now more than h alfway through the Atlantic hurricane season and -- knock on wood -- no Atlantic hurricanes yet. Depending on how long this continues, 2013 stands a chance of setting a record for " Latest First Atlantic Hurricane " in history. Of course, you need look back just 21 years for a parable of false security. The 1992 hurricane season went almost three months before a named storm showed up (i.e. three months without a single tropical storm). That first storm wound up being...

Remembering Andrew: Hurricane Party

Oct 1, 2012
Cory McDonald (Florida State Archives)

If you’re a regular listener to WLRN, you might recognize the voice of Phil Latzman, anchor and host at WLRN. Phil also happens to be one of NPR’s go-to guys whenever there’s a hurricane anyplace near South Florida. But it wasn’t always that way. On the weekend before Hurricane Andrew hit in August 1992, Phil was young, living on South Beach, having a good time, playing basketball, going to the beach and listening to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Phil and his friends were in their early...

Remembering Andrew: Richard McCormick

Oct 1, 2012
Luc Cohen

Under the Sun tells the stories of South Florida, and there’s no bigger South Florida story in recent history than Hurricane Andrew. Around 5:05 a.m. on August 24th, 1992, Andrew made landfall near the Homestead Air Force Base , and changed lives everywhere. WLRN-Miami Herald News Reporter, Kenny Malone, spoke to a retired Army Colonel and semi-retired veterinarian, Richard McCormick, about his experience when the Category 5 winds arrived and it was raining cats and dogs. McCormick was 62...

Remembering Andrew: The Old Radio

Oct 1, 2012
Geoffrey Philp

As part of our “Remembering Andrew” series, we’re telling small stories about one of the biggest events in South Florida history. The series will run every week until August 24th, the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. This week we introduce you to Geoffrey Philp. Philp is a poet, novelist, playwright and English professor at Miami-Dade College. He grew up in Jamaica but when Andrew hit, Philp was living in Miami Shores with his wife and three kids. A hurricane really asks you the question...

Voices of Hurricane Andrew: The Question

Oct 1, 2012
Eugene Provenzo/University of Miami

We’ve been collecting stories about Hurricane Andrew from people around South Florida for our “ Remembering Andrew ” series. We’ve also been combing through a lot of archival sound and video, including an archive we found called “Voices of Andrew.” In the months following Hurricane Andrew, graduate students from the University of Miami collected dozens of oral histories. The archive is called “ Voices of Andrew .” It’s packed with detailed accounts from all kinds of people: teachers,...

The Best Intentions...

Oct 1, 2012
Miami-Dade County Help Dept. Collection, Florida State Archives

While we were working on ideas for stories to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew , WLRN Miami Herald News journalist Rick Stone found some old tapes of his reporting after the storm. He reported many radio stories after Hurricane Andrew (you can hear some of those original stories on the players below), but one in particular inspired us. In 1992, Rick produced a story for WUSF about a hapless convoy of aid trucks that came down to South Dade to give aid to migrant workers....

The Consul

Oct 1, 2012
Kevin McGurgan

There is a loud explosion as the roof is torn off. In my two years in Florida, this is the first time I have felt cold. When we put out a call for Andrew stories, the British Consulate in Miami sent us a remarkable document. Kevin McGurgan, the British consul-general in Miami, was going through old papers, looking for stuff to throw out. “Buried at the bottom,” says McGurgan, “was an old file marked ‘Crisis Management: Hurricane Andrew-Lead-up, Destruction and Aftermath.’ We pulled it out and...

Hurricane Andrew: Your Stories, Collected Here

Aug 25, 2012
Florida State Archives

We received several hundred responses when we called out to our audience for stories about Hurricane Andrew. As we learned while doing the “Remembering Andrew” project, people who experienced Hurricane Andrew still have vivid memories they are eager to share. Download and read a .PDF file of all of the responses we collected , with the help of the Miami Herald , via the Public Insight Network or PIN . PIN allows us to make our audience a part of our reporting. It relies on your personal...

Putting One Foot in Front of Another

Aug 25, 2012
Mark Reagan

Mark Reagan sent us this personal essay after we asked listeners to share their experiences of Hurricane Andrew. Reagan is now the cops and courts reporter for the Brownsville Herald. I was 8 when Andrew charged at us with its fury. I lived with my parents and two sisters in a house on Jamaica Drive in Cutler Ridge. We evacuated to Kendall to weather the storm in a house on a small hill. I don’t remember what the drive there was like. I don’t really remember what we ate. I remember what we...

Miami Herald

Today is the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida. The culmination of our “Remembering Andrew” project is our one hour documentary special, hosted by Kenny Malone and Alicia Zuckerman , with production help from Sammy Mack, Trina Sargalski and the entire WLRN-Miami Herald News team. It is also be available for download as a podcast on iTunes , and for download and sharing on SoundCloud . We have plenty of photos and visuals to accompany the listening experience. Check out our...

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory.

Last week, WLRN premiered part of its “Remembering Andrew” radio documentary Thursday to an audience at Miami Science Museum . Bryan Norcross was an invited guest. Norcross, of course, became famous for his ongoing coverage of and guidance during the storm. During a panel discussion following the airing of the first part of the special, Norcross talked about his memories of the people he talked to during the storm and the region’s struggles afterward. Norcross also had a warning for the...

Remembering Andrew: Days Of No Ice

Aug 23, 2012
Hurricane Andrew: Path of Destruction commemorative book, circa 1992

After Hurricane Andrew, ice became a precious commodity and a flashpoint of conflict. Power was out, food was spoiling/rotting, and federal aid hadn’t arrived yet. Deborah Gray Mitchell spent those first sticky days cleaning up debris outside her home in Belle Meade. My friend brought us this gallon jug of ice, and in that gallon jug where it had melted a little bit was a little bit of water that that we could use to whet our whistle. It was just the most refreshing, happiest moment of my...

Describe Andrew

Aug 16, 2012

Throughout the course of reporting the Remembering Andrew series we’ve been asking a few of the same questions about Hurricane Andrew to virtually everybody we interview. Things like: When did you know it was time to take Andrew seriously? When did you know Andrew had truly arrived? But there’s one question in particular, that seems to trip people up: What did you see the moment you stepped out of your door after Andrew? Here is how some WLRN Miami Herald News listeners answered that question...

In Case Of Emergency, Don't Call Me

Aug 15, 2012
Trina Sargalski

You may think you know how you’d react during an emergency. Andrea Askowitz thought she did. Then came Hurricane Andrew. Askowitz one of the co-founders of the Lip Service series in Miami. During these performances, ordinary people tell true stories about their lives–on stage. Andrea Askowitz brings us her own true story about August 1992. It’s called “In Case of Emergency.” You can read the full text of Andrea Askowitz’s personal essay below or listen to the radio version above. The songs...

The Old Cul-de-Sac Where Hurricane Survivors Became Family

Aug 9, 2012
Lisa Mongelia

We’ve been listening to your stories and memories of Hurricane Andrew and life afterward. Many people have told us that one of their strongest memories from after the storm is how neighbors–who might have usually just walked from their car to their door without saying hello–banded together. In one Cutler Bay neighborhood, people were already friendly and helpful. As the storm was coming, they helped each other put up shutters. But after the storm, the neighbors became a kind of surrogate...