Role-playing games like "Dungeons and Dragons" have risen in popularity in recent years, even being featured on hit shows like Netflix's "Stranger Things." But a Tampa Bay area mental health therapist is putting a new spin on it.

Miami Beach Bans Conversion Therapy For Minors

Jun 9, 2016
Nick Swyter / the Miami Herald

Miami Beach is the latest city in the country to ban a controversial form of therapy that professes to change someone's sexual orientation or gender identity. The city commission voted unanimously Wednesday night to ban conversion therapy for minors under the age of 18.  And from now on, anyone caught practicing it might be slapped with a fine of two-hundred dollars a day. Miami Beach Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemàn sponsored the ban.

Emotionally Focused Therapy For Dummies

Dec 18, 2013

12/19/13 - Tomorrow’s Topical Currents begins with the authors of EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED THERAPY FOR DUMMIES.  Professors Brent Bradley and James Furrow say it takes daily attention to keep a meaningful, fulfilling relationship vibrant.  And more . . . Linda Gasssenheimer’s Food & Dining looks at the finer delicacies of the holidays:  caviar, smoked salmon and rich chocolates.  That’s Topical Currents Thursday at 1pm.