8pm DOC MARTIN - Comedy/Drama 

7pm GREAT YELLOWSTONE THAW - Nature - Journey to Yellowstone where wildlife survives one of the greatest seasonal changes on the planet.

BROKENWOOD MYSTERIES - Series premiere Wednesday January 24th at 9pm

BEE GEES ONE NIGHT ONLY - Documentary/Performance  

REMEMBERING LEONARD NIMOY - Biography - An intimate journey into the personal life of the prolific actor and director who is best known for playing Spock in the Star Trek franchise.

Enjoy your holiday with two coming of age classic stories on WLRN-TV. Join the free-spirited teenaged Anne as she faces complex issues with friends and family on Anne of Green Gables then rediscover the heartwarming tale of the world’s sweetest girl on Pollyanna. 



7pm PENGUIN HOSPITAL - Nature Documentary 

Truth Be Told

Dec 18, 2017

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Set in Australia in the 1950s, "A Place to Call Home" is a compelling and romantic story of one woman's journey to heal her soul and that of a privileged family rocked by scandal. 

8pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS - History - Uncover the engineering feats that sparked a technological revolution and changed warfare forever.

8pm GENEALOGY ROADSHOW - History/Ancestry -  Diverse participants embark on emotional journeys that uncover family and community secrets across the United States.

Holidays got you feeling sluggish and overwhelmed?  Make an appointment with the dubious doctor on Wednesday night at 8.  He'll have you laughing until your sides hurt.  

All Washed Up

Dec 14, 2017

9pm REMEMBER ME - Drama Mystery -  Pensioner Tom Parfitt stages a fall in his eerie Yorkshire home in order to escape into residential care, leading to a chilling and macabre mystery. 


7pm PENGUIN HOSPITAL - Nature Documentary 

Royal Family Drama

Dec 11, 2017

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Drama - Set in rural Australia in the 1950s, "A Place to Call Home" is a romantic drama of one woman's journey to heal her soul and that of a privileged family's confrontation with a changing era.