8pm LILIES  - Drama - A coming of age tale of three Catholic sisters Iris, May and Ruby, living in 1920's Liverpool.

IN THIS EPISODE: The Release - As May makes every effort to conceal her condition, Ruby takes up with a group of newfound friends who introduce her to liberating modern ideas: feminism and vegetarianism. May, however, seeks release of a different sort from her predicament and when she  becomes dangerously ill, Ruby is forced to make a choice between her friends and family.


7pm - FILTHY CITIES: Industrial New York - History/Documentary

Dan Snow travels back to a seething Manhattan in the throes of the industrial revolution. Millions fled persecution, poverty and famine in Europe in the 19th century in search of the promised land. When they arrived what they found was even worse than what they had left behind. New York was a city consumed by filth and corruption, its massive immigrant population crammed together in the slums of Lower Manhattan. Dan succumbs to some of the deadly disease-carrying parasites that thrived in the filthy, overcrowded tenement buildings. He has a go at cooking with some cutting edge 19th century ingredients - clothes dye and floor cleaner - added to disguise reeking fetid meat. And he marvels at some of the incredible feats of engineering that transformed not just the city, but the world.

Oceans Of Pink

May 9, 2016

 At WLRN Television our mission is storytelling and we always have a number of original documentaries in production.  As your exclusive Storyteller Station, we are always on the look out for inspiring, educational and entertaining programs about the people and places in your community.  We currently have several full-length documentaries and short stories in the pipeline.  Here is a glimpse of what we're working on...  OCEANS OF PINK - How dragon boat racing has become a fast-growing sport among breast cancer survivors across Florida. Premieres July 29th at 9pm on WLRN-TV.


9pm Tuesday VERA - Crime/Drama

“Not many actors can pull off shambolic and effective, but Blethyn can do it with a single, penetrating glance from beneath that hat." –The Guardian, February 1, 2016

EP 4, Midsomer Life

9pm Wednesday - MIDSOMER MURDERS Crime/Drama

Midsomer Murders, one of the longest-running British detective series, returns to WLRN, with more murders and mysteries in its eleventh series.  Catch up with DCI Barnaby and Company May 11th in the premiere episode, BLOOD WEDDING, where Barnaby is torn between work and family when the maid of honor at a high-society wedding is murdered just days before his own daughter's nuptials. 

The Wild Ones

May 9, 2016

7pm THIS WILD LIFE: Problems In Paradise - Nature/Documentary

Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton, together with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to run a safari camp for the first time. This series follows their ups and downs as the family struggles to keep guests, elephants, lions and even crocodiles smiling.

IN THIS EPISODE: The family's safari camp reopens after the rainy season but Saba's worst nightmare is turning into reality. She has a houseful of guests on their way, the cupboards are bare and there's nowhere for them to sleep. Husband Frank has problems of his own. He must fit a tracking device to a six-ton bull elephant, but the mission does not go according to plan.


8pm LILIES - Drama 

Three Catholic sisters coming of age in 1920's Liverpool.

IN THIS EPISODE - The Sea: Billy's best friend from the war returns to Liverpool, and a maelstrom of long-suppressed emotions threatens to engulf them both. May learns that she is expecting and then discovers that things aren't what they've seemed in the Brazendale household.


7pm FILTHY CITIES: Revolutionary Paris - Science/History

Just 200 years ago, Paris was famously one of the foulest and smelliest cities in Europe. Historian Dan Snow sniffs out the rotten story of the French revolution. He reveals the stinking streets where ordinary people slaved in toxic industries and suffered grotesque poverty and disease. Dan immerses himself in their world, visiting a perfumer to recreate the stench of the 18th century city - Pong de Paris. He has a go at one of the worst jobs in history - tanning leather by 18th century methods using dog excrement and urine - to make exquisite luxury goods that only the filthy rich could afford. He gets a rare glimpse of the private rooms of infamous Queen Marie Antoinette at the glittering palace of Versailles and reveals some surprising facts about the royal court. Plus he comes face to face with the ultimate killing machine - the gruesome guillotine. Dan finds out what happened to the thousands of bodies that overflowed in the cemeteries of Paris during The Terror. Dan discovers how monumental filth and injustice drove Parisians to a bloody revolution which would transform their city and give birth to a new republic. 

8pm DOC MARTIN: Other People's Children - Comedy/Drama

Martin and Louisa don’t seem to be having much success with their therapy, so Dr. Timoney advises that they should try and take things back to the beginning of their relationship, and plan a date.  Louisa is planning James Henry’s first birthday party, when a last-minute request from Danny, Louisa’s ex-boyfriend, brings him and seven children from London camping on Ruth’s farm.   Things are going slightly better for Mrs. Tishell and Clive, until Mrs. Tishell invites him back into the bedroom, with disastrous consequences. Things don’t start off too badly for Martin and Louisa at the restaurant, but when Danny calls saying one of his children, Jake, has gone missing, date night is effectively over. Martin and Louisa are left wondering if anything will ever go right for them, when Martin uncovers a health scare at James’s party, that makes all the guests leave very quickly: not even Ruth’s birthday cake can keep them there.

9pm VERA: Shadows In The Sky - Crime/Drama

When the body of a well-loved family man plummets from a multi-story car park, DCI Vera Stanhope is forced to uncover a life of secrets and lies. 

7pm THIS WILD LIFE: Baby Elephant Rescue - Nature/Documentary

Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton, together with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to run a safari camp for the first time. This series follows their ups and downs as the family struggles to keep guests, elephants, lions and even crocodiles smiling. IN THIS EPISODE: Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton and the elephant rescue team race to save the life of a recently orphaned calf. The baby elephant is flown to an elephant orphanage in Nairobi. But with a terror threat on the Kenya's east coast, the family's safari camp is in crisis. Saba must work to save the business and do all she can to try to protect Samburu's trusting elephants.

8pm LILIES: The Tallyman - Drama

Liverpool, 1920. Three girls on the edge of womanhood; a world on the brink of change. Iris, May, and Ruby come of age in a time when life is lived on the breadline.


Scarlet fever invades the district, and the Mosses scramble to provide for seven orphaned children and stay one step ahead of the dreaded housing inspector. But, in secret, May becomes more occupied with Mr. Brazendale's renewed attentions.

London: Down & Dirty

Apr 27, 2016

7pm FILTHY CITIES: Medieval London - Science

Historian Dan Snow gets down and dirty in Medieval grime to discover the hard way how the London we know was forged in the filth of the 14th century. State of the art CGI reveals London's streets as they were 700 years ago - wooden platforms designed to help him rise above the disgusting mess underfoot. Plus, he examines the remains of a plague victim to discover how a catastrophic epidemic would help a new and cleaner London emerge from the muck of the past.

8pm DOC MARTIN: Control-Alt-Delete   Comedy/Drama

Martin wants to put down Buddy because the dog won't stop following him. In other events, Ruth learns Bert's secret; Penhale tries to ask out Janice, but instead invites her to a group cookout; and Louisa and Martin do their therapy homework: a picnic.

A Want Ad For Murder

Apr 26, 2016

9pm VERA: Muddy Waters - Crime/Drama

When the remains of a teenage girl are found half-buried in a Northumberland wood, Vera and the team find themselves investigating a 30-year-old mystery. The remains are identified as those of miner's daughter Carrie Telling, who vanished during the strike clashes in 1984. A politically minded, rebellious teen, her father Bill insisted Carrie would never run away but his protests fell on deaf ears. The case brings Vera back in contact with her old boss, John Warrick, who is shocked to learn he may have dropped the ball.