8pm LILIES: The Thunderbolt - Drama

The Moss sisters-my lilies, as their father calls them, live in working-class Liverpool right after World War I. They struggle through poverty, passions, and disappointments-sustained by the fortifying power of family in this captivating series.

IN THIS EPISODE: The Thunderbolt - When Iris falls head over heels for a young magician who comes to the door in search of rabbits, the rest of the family must face the unpromising prospect of running the household without her competence and self-sacrifice at the center.

7pm THE BRAIN WITH DAVID EAGLEMAN: Why Do I Need You? - Education/Science

Dr. David Eagleman explores how the brain relies on other brains to thrive and survive. This neural interdependence underpins our need to group together, and our ability to do the very best and the very worst of things to each other.


8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME: Unforgettable -  A sweeping romantic drama that centers on enigmatic nurse Sarah Adams as she returns to her native Australia after two decades in Europe.

One Wild Family!

Apr 11, 2016

7pm THIS WILD LIFE - Nature/Documentary ... Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton, together with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to run a safari camp for the first time.

IN THIS EPISODE: Elephant in the Bedroom - Things get off to a rocky start when guests arrive earlier than expected and an elephant emergency pushes everyone to their limits. Has the family got what it takes to survive their new wild life?

LILIES (8 PM) - Drama

Tough, sexy, funny and heartbreaking, Lillies details the lives of Iris, May and Ruby Moss - Catholic sisters coming of age in a dockland terraced house. Familial love sustains them, and their fortunes are bound to those of their brother and their father. Set in the years immediately following the First World War, Lilies pulls no punches in its storytelling. It depicts a sensual, vivid and sometimes savage universe - where life is lived on a knife-edge of poverty, fuelled by various kinds of love. Dadda, the family's charismatic and mercurial father married very young, is now widowed, and his struggle to nurture his unruly children proves both moving and comic.

IN THIS EPISODE: The Chit Behind King Billy

To help get the family pianola out of hock for a street party honoring war vets, Ruby takes a job selling corsets, training all the while for the Olympic swimming tryouts. But brother Billy finds that not all of the returning soldiers are welcomed as heroes.

7pm THE BRAIN: How Do I Decide? - Science/Education

Dr. David Eagleman takes a journey through the unseen world of decisions and how they get made inside your brain. Your emotions, your energy level, and your memories all come together in concert to help you neural networks decide what to do next.

8pm DOC MARTIN: The Shock of the New - Comedy/Drama

Martin has his first therapy session; and Louisa, who's returned, thinks they should live apart. In other events, Al welcomes his first fishing guests; Bert tries to invigorate the restaurant by joining an online program; and Morwenna asks for a raise.

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Drama  An  irresistible saga brimming with secrets, passion, romance, and intrigue, A Place to Call Home explores the ties that hold families together and the betrayals that can tear them apart.

 IN THIS EPISODE: I Do, I Do - Sarah returns to Inverness with Ren, and Elizabeth worries about the effect on George. Olivia struggles to bond with the baby, while James grows jealous of his wife's intimacy with Andrew. Anna and Gino prepare to celebrate their wedding day.  

7pm TIGERS ABOUT THE HOUSE - Nature/Reality/Documentary Giles Clark is a tiger keeper with a difference, he takes his work home.

Sumatran tiger cubs Spot and Stripe are now outgrowing keeper Giles Clark's home and developing adult tiger behaviors. The time comes for them to leave the family home and reintegrate with the rest of the tigers at Australia Zoo.

As they move back to the zoo, Spot and Stripe's development is far from over. Giles gives the cubs their first swimming lesson, and they meet the adult tigers they are going to share their lives with. But all is not well with Spot, who is rapidly developing an eye condition that leaves him fighting for his life.

Outlaws and Thieves

Mar 31, 2016

8pm Jamaica Inn - Crime Drama/Mystery/Suspense  Jamaica Inn tells the story of a woman forced to live with a group of smugglers after her mother dies.

IN THIS EPISODE: Mary experiences the depths of the smugglers' evils as they lure a ship onto the rocks, then murder the crew.  As the law closes in, jem has a choice to make. 

Streets of Wynwood

STREETS OF WYNWOOD  Premieres Thursday November 17th at 9pm 
Take a wild ride into the riot of color, creativity and chaos that is Miami’s street art scene.

7pm THE BRAIN WITH DAVID EAGLEMAN: Who Is In Control? - Science/Education

Dr. David Eagleman explores the great deception that greets us each morning when we awake: it feels as though we are in conscious control of our lives but the truth is that we are not. Instead almost every action, every decision, every belief that we hold is driven by parts of the brain that we have no access to.

SMALL TOWN, BIG SECRETS (Coming Soon) How a small town and a tiny device turned the tide of World War II.

8pm DOC MARTIN SEASON PREMIERE! Rescue Me - Comedy/Drama

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!  The long awaited highly anticipated new season of Doc Martin is finally here!  And none to soon, as we have heard from our viewers who have been waiting patiently for their Doctor's appointment.  So here it is...

The drama about a curmudgeonly country doctor and his patients in Cornwall returns for a new season. Martin returns to Portwenn, but without Louisa. She has gone to stay with her mother in Spain to take some time out to think, and Martin is left wondering if she will ever come back. Aunt Ruth has found him a therapist, but life in Portwenn continues to get in the doc's way - in the form of Steve Baker and his lifeboat training exercise. Steve and his assistant Barry are supposed to be helping Al get everything ready for the guests' arrival, but the pair are never there and the walls still need plastering. Al cannot rely on his father for help as Bert has taken the hump. Morwenna cannot help either as her flatmate Janice has roped them both into the lifeboat training exercise. Then Steve collapses, and the training exercise becomes all too real as Martin and PC Penhale race out to sea.