8pm DOC MARTIN: Of All The Harbors In All The Towns - Comedy/Drama  

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Jul 29, 2016


7pm SHOCK AND AWE: The Story of Electricity - Science/History - In the first episode, we tell the story of the very first scientists - people like Francis Hauksbee, Stephen Grey and Benjamin Franklin - who started to unlock the mysteries of electricity.

8pm DOC MARTIN: The Portwenn Effect - Comedy/Drama 

8pm LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX - Romantic Drama -  A story of love-struck seniors Alan and Celia who rediscover their love for each other later in life — 60 years, in fact, after they first met.

10pm MURDER IN SUBURBIA: A Good Deal of Attention - Crime Drama

9pm BALL OF CONFUSION: The 1968 Election - History/Culture Documentary 

7pm - 9 MONTHS THAT MADE YOU: The Final Countdown - Science / Education

Meet the miracle that is you. See how your time in the womb, as your senses mature, has determined your destiny on the outside. Survey the latest epigenetic research that shows how the womb environment leaves its mark, even altering your DNA.

Backyard Beekeepers - Nature/Special

Airs Wednesday night at 8:45 following Doc Martin 

Explore the exciting world of what it's like to be a South Florida beekeeper. Following Sierra Malnove of the Florida Backyard Beekeeping Association as she teaches beginners how to manage their own beehives, we learn how backyard beekeepers are helping the Florida honeybee population.
Sierra leads beekeeping workshop

How The '68 Election Changed America

Jul 13, 2016

9pm NIXON'S THE ONE: The '68 Election - History/Culture Documentary 

A WLRN Original Production

In 1962, Richard Nixon's once meteoric political career lay in ruins. The former vice-president had suffered two bitter losses; one in the 1960 presidential race against John F. Kennedy, the other in a bid for the governorship of his home state of California. Yet, only six years later, Nixon would be elected President of the United States. How did it happen? Why did it happen?

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

"Bloodline," the Netflix TV series set in the Florida Keys, is set to return for a third season.

That's according to social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a story in the Hollywood Reporter.

8pm LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX - Romantic Drama - Childhood sweethearts Alan and Celia, both widowed and in their 70s, fall for each other all over again when they are reunited over the internet after nearly 60 years.

10pm MURDER IN SUBURBIA - Crime Drama - Kate, a graduate of a posh girls' academy, has a sharp, analytical mind; her working-class partner, Emma, relies on her instincts. Together this sassy, sexy investigative team uncovers the dark urges behind suburban Middleford's placid facade. 


8pm IN THE CLUB - Drama When Roanna's ex-husband cancels her credit cards, her and Simon's financial future comes into question. With their baby due any day, Roanna suggests going to Simon's parents for help. But Roanna's never actually met them and Simon seems strangely reluctant. Jasmin has an unwelcome visitor and with a question mark looming over her due date, which causes her blood pressure to rise even further. Rosie's dad is still in hospital and social services plan to take her to a mother and baby hostel. But when Rosie threatens to run away with her baby if she's made to go to the hostel, Kim struggles to find a happy solution. Meanwhile Rick is under arrest and awaiting bail, leaving Diane to cope alone as their baby girl fights for her life with an infection. 


7pm - 9 MONTHS THAT MADE YOU - Science/Education - Discover the story of how you were made, from conception to the moment of birth.

Follow the gestation process, the most exquisite biological choreography found in nature. Using the latest research and advances in medicine, we can reveal this hidden world in forensic detail. Zeroing in on milestones along the road to creation--where critical events can change your life.