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Recovering from a natural catastrophe, say like Hurricane Andrew, can sometimes be a long process. Take a look at Homestead.

In 1992, Andrew devastated the south Florida city, destroying the air force base, more than a thousand mobile homes, and one of the city's historic sites. Roughly a third of the population of 30,000 left shortly after the storm.

It didn't take long for housing and people to come back. But, the downtown area along Krome Avenue took a little longer, even though it had been historically the heart of the town.

Homestead Earns $26 Million In Voter Trust

May 13, 2014

UPDATE 8 a.m., May 14: The City of Homestead reports voters overwhelmingly approved bond referendums Tuesday.

Our If I Were Mayor project continues as we bring your ideas to the mayors. We spoke with Homestead's new mayor, Jeff Porter. Mayor Porter, a former councilman and vice mayor, took office last fall. He follows Steve Bateman, one of the three mayors arrested in August of 2013 for corruption charges.   

The position of Homestead mayor pays $6,000. It is intended to be a part-time position.