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Book Fair One-Liners: Author Hanna Rosin's Top Three

Nov 17, 2012
Sammy Mack

Diana Moskovitz is tweeting from Hanna Rosin's talk at Miami Book Fair International today.

Sammy Mack


Miami Book Fair International visitor, @glenn_ebooks, tweeted a memorable moment from Harvard professor, Michael Sandel, today.

Delving Into Past Lives At The Miami Book Fair

Nov 17, 2012
Jan Becker / Florida Book Review

The volunteers at the Book Fair have a rough job herding the audience into their seats before each event. As I entered Chapman Auditorium for the Evening with Drs. Brian and Amy Weiss, I asked one of the volunteers where I should sit. He answered, "I don't care where you sit, as long as you don't run nobody over." Looking around, I could see this might be a bit of a concern. The room was packed and the volunteers were very busy, trying to make sure all of the seats filled in an orderly fashion.

Book Fair One-Liners: Youth Know Nothing

Nov 17, 2012

Erica K. Landau tweets from the talk of American author, Camille Paglia, in today's Miami Book Fair International.

Random House, Inc.

Jeffrey Toobin’s discussion of his latest book, The Oath: The Obama White House vs the Supreme Court, began right after the crowd for the Evening with Drs. Brian and Amy Weiss let out. Toobin is a legal analyst and reporter for CNN and The New Yorker. The room was filled with attendees, many who stayed in their seats during the intermission between events.

Book Fair One-Liners: Author Dave Barry's Top Three

Nov 17, 2012

Miami Book Fair International goer, Hannah Sampson, tweets one-liners from author Dave Barry's talk today.

Author Sandra Cisnero Gets Personal

Nov 17, 2012
Random House, Inc. / Illustrated by Ester Hernandez

Because today has not been a good day. I considered not attending the Evening With Sandra Cisneros, but I am so glad I did. When she walked on stage, I knew right away this was not my typical author-visits-college-to-impart-literary-wisdom-to-aspiring-writers sort of reading. This was a cozy, exciting conversation. Cisneros brought a green Frida Kahlo tote bag on stage, which oddly complimented her  sea-green dress with an under-ruffle of maroon and then green again, black stockings, beige suede shoes. Swanky.

Adam Gopnik illuminates the evening with stories rather than excerpts: "I feel writers are often poor representatives of their book and the most fun is in the Q & A anyway."

Marci Calabretta is a contributor to the Florida Book Review. Calabretta attended the Adam Gopnik talk on Thursday, Nov. 15 . You can check out FBR's full live blog of the 2012 book fair here.

Pushing And Shoving For Bargain Books

Nov 17, 2012
Sammy Mack

So I didn't make it far. I walked into the book fair and the first thing I saw was a sign that read, "Hardcover books $2, All others $1," a great deal from the Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library. In a well-organized tent, they had books lined up and classified as "Hardcover," "Classics," "Popular," and "Spanish." I expected to see a lot of names of authors I didn't know, names of authors I did know and might not like, or perhaps some obscure gardening books, but the Friends of the MDPC did a really great job getting their hands on some legitimately covetable used books.