04/28/14 - Tuesday's Topical Currents features a conversation with author and radio producer, Selina O’Grady. At the time of Jesus’ birth, there were thousands of gods worshiped across the world. So how was Christianity able to survive to become one of the world’s dominant religions?

12/24/13 - Tuesday's Topical Currents is with religious scholar Dr. Reza Aslan, who’s written ZEALOT:  The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth.  He says the Jesus known as Christ is not the same as the one from Nazareth.  The gospels weren’t written during his lifetime, but between 70 and 100 years after his death.  Aslan comes from a purely academic perspective.  Jesus was probably born in Nazareth, not Bethlehem.  He was a disciple of John the Baptist. That’s Topical Currents Tuesday at 1pm.