Florida Tomato Growers

1:00 pm
Mon February 11, 2013

How Organics And Imports Are Impacting Florida's Once-Dominant Tomato Market

On many Florida farms, tomatoes are picked green and then ripened.
Patricia Sagastume

Clarification: In this story,  it could  be perceived that representatives from Lipman Produce do not like the idea of good-tasting tomatoes. That is not the case.  Lipman says its goal is to create the best-tasting tomatoes possible which are able to withstand transportation and maintain a shelf life. Since 2012, Lipman has been experimenting with protected agriculture  --  growing tomatoes in retractable roof greenhouses on five acres of land in Naples, FL.

Florida growers  once dominated the tomato market, but  global competition has changed that. 

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