Folk & Acoustic Music

Every Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 PM on 91.3 WLRN
  • Hosted by Michael Stock

The focus of Folk & Acoustic Music is to create a community to support folk music. Throughout history, folk music has traveled in small circles, passed primarily by singing families who did not knowhow to write them down. Even today, folk music is obscure and hard to find. Through folk music, our history and culture is revealed in songs and stories. Every Sunday afternoon for 3 hours, WLRN airs the only folk music show in South Florida, which includes interviews and performances with local and national touring artists, and plays music from a collection of over 8000 CDs.

Everyone who hears Folk & Acoustic Music reacts differently. Some songs may trigger memories of growing up, or provoke laughter and even tears. Some of the historic or contemporary protest music may make you mad, or even empower you to effect positive change. A guitar instrumental may mesmerize and inspire you to learn a new lick, or you can become encouraged to sponsor a house concert with a local folk organization. Some songs might even teach you about Florida's history.

The "Acoustic" in Folk & Acoustic Music accounts for all contemporary music that has roots in folk music. Included in this broad definition is blues and gospel music, contemporary singer/songwriters, bluegrass, old-time music, and music from around the world, good music that deserves to be heard.

For information on songs played on Folk & Acoustic Music, as well as archived interviews and video of studio performances, go to Michael's web

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