WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories For Nov. 11-15

Nov 19, 2013

Credit Florida Department of Transportation

  Last week, we plunged into the problem of sea-level rise in South Florida. You may have heard lots of experts and lots of facts -- enough to lose track of all the real-estate risks and saltwater-invasion projections. So I've fished out the stories that got the most traction from readers and listeners like you.

Again, here are WLRN's top-five stories this week:

Fort Lauderdale Ahead Of The State When It Comes To Sea-Level Rise ProtectionAlthough state regulations don't yet require Florida roads be built with sea-level rise in mind, a stretch of Fort Lauerdale's A1A, destroyed by Tropical Storm Sandy, was rebuilt with preventive measures other roads will envy.

What To Make Of All Those Sea-Level Rise ProjectionsHere's all that data I mentioned. Listen to reporter Kenny Malone break it down enough to say that, basically, scientists aren't really sure about the future.

Will South Florida’s Real Estate Market Prices Plunge As The Seas Rise? Some disagree, but the bottom line is life in South Florida will become pricier as the coastlines recede.

For A Future Glimpse Of Sea-Level Rise, Check Out The King TideSure, the high tide's not caused by climate change. But knee-high waters on coastal streets sure look like what climate change could do.

A Miami Goth-Scene Pioneer's Battle With CancerOne of Fort Lauderdale's claims to fame is being the birthplace of Marilyn Manson. Brian Warner started his goth-rock band right in the FTL with guitarist Scott Putesky, a.k.a. Daisy Berkowitz, who's now undergoing treatment for colon cancer.
This story was a web exclusive. A radio version was not produced.

Credit Scott Mitchell Putesky