Why Miami's Early Voting Lines Are So Long

Oct 30, 2012

This weekend, thousands of early voters in Miami stood through some very long lines.

And it looks like the line hasn't let up.

On Monday afternoon, a workday, lines where still up to four hours in Miami Dade.

Voters waiting in a two hour line to vote in Miami Dade.
Credit Ashley Lopez / WLRN
At North Dade Regional Library the wait was three-and-a-half hours. At Coral Reef and West Dade Regional Library it was about three hours, as well. However, the longest lines in the county were at North Dade Regional Library, where the wait time there was a grueling four hours. 

In Broward County, however, the longest line was two-and-a-half hours and some polling places didn't even have a wait time.

So, why is it that lines are so much longer in Miami?


Christina White, the deputy supervisor of elections in Miami Dade, says the fact that there are 1.3 million voters in Miami Dade and this year there is a really long ballot is to blame for the long lines.

However, she says there is also a way to avoid long lines. 

"The ballot in Miami Dade County is five pages front and back because of 11 constitutional amendments and 11 county questions on the ballot -- and due to that, we have been encouraging our voters to prepare in advance of voting," White says. "The best way to combat this long lines is for all of our voters to go to our website, review your sample ballot and make your decisions ahead of time and that will help expedite the process for everybody."

She also says voters can look up wait times at the Miami Dade Elections website before they head to the polls.

If you haven't studied up on the state constitutional amendments you can see WLRN-Miami Herald's guide right here. For the county questions, our guide is here.