Why Charlie Crist Supports Democrat's Bill To Restore Early Voting

Nov 15, 2012

Former Gov. Charlie Crist is standing with state Democrats in favor of a bill to fix election problems that embarrassed the state last week.

Charlie Crist: Obama told him to make voting 'move a little faster.'
Credit wikimedia commons

State Rep. Darryl Rouson of St. Petersburg is the House sponsor of the bill, which would restore early voting to 14 days and allow non-government buildings to be used as early voting site.

Crist's name continues to surface as a possible Democratic challenger to Gov. Rick Scott in 2016. He has left the Republican Party and remains an independent who likes to call himself "Citizen Crist."

But Crist has a relationship with President Obama. The Tampa Bay Times quoted Crist discussing a conversation he had with the president while Florida votes were still being counted on Thursday.

"He said, 'You know what? Can you get that moving a little faster down there?'" Crist said, relating the comments of the president, who referred to the problem in his victory speech.

Rouson's bill, which will be co-sponsored in the Senate by newly elected Democrat Darren Soto of Orlando, will also require a cleaner and more concise ballot.