What These Eyes Have Seen: Reporter Reflects On Four Decades at Miami Herald

Mar 16, 2013

Former Miami Herald reporter John Dorschner recently retired after nearly 43 years at the paper.
Credit Twitter @MiamiHealthcare

After nearly 43 years, John Dorschner has left The Miami Herald, and he will be sorely missed around here.

John's wry manner, and his considerable chops, both in reporting and in voice, have made him the perfect newspaper-to-radio journalist since we began the WLRN-Miami Herald News cooperation a decade ago.

From being the lead writer at The Herald's once-renowned weekly Tropic Magazine, to a day-long interview of Fidel Castro for a book, to later becoming the region's preeminent expert on healthcare and hospitals, John reflects on his wide-ranging and award-winning journalism career.

Everyone here knows his favorite movie is The Big Lebowski​, so good luck John-- IF the Dude Abides!