What A Makeover For Miami-Dade Schools Will Look Like

Nov 8, 2012

School construction and renovations in Miami-Dade schools can start as early as June 2013.
Credit jphilipg / FLICKR

Miami-Dade voters have approved a $1.2 billion bond referendum to improve public school infrastructure and access to technology.

Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho proposed the measure back in August.

Carvalho has said the bond would establish a "technology baseline" for Miami-Dade schools—so that all schools have at least a minimum number of computers, for example. 

At his victory party at Miami Senior High in Little Havana Tuesday night, the superintendent said the hard part now is implementing the bond referendum, which will be paid through in property taxes over the next 30 years. 

"We have $1.2 billion worth of opportunities to deliver to a waiting community," he said. 

And voters should expect to see results soon, said Carvalho. 

"The promise of renovation, repair and new construction are going to become a reality beginning next year," he said. "The promises of job creation are going to become a reality as early as June, July of 2013,"

He has said some schools will get renovated while others will be combined and a new school will be built.

“It doesn’t make sense to update crumbling buildings,” he said. “Drilling holes in walls that can’t hold a smart-board.”

It’s been more than two decades since Miami-Dade voters approved a bond. That was in 1988, and it resulted in millions of wasted dollars.