This Is What It Sounds Like When You Put Miami Babies On A Pile Of Snow

Feb 25, 2014

When I got an email from my daughter’s preschool, titled "Snow Day!" I was confused. In the Northeast, where I grew up, snow days mean the school is closed. 

On the other hand in South Florida, a somewhat common winter tradition is for schools to pay to haul in snow. What kid doesn't like snow? Well, it wasn't a big hit among these 1 year-olds at a preschool in Little Havana. 

Despite - or perhaps because of - the warm weather, a group of 2- to 3-year-olds enjoy the snow at a preschool in Little Havana.
Credit Elaine Chen

On the day of the event, the first group to play is the 1-year-olds. The kids are wearing a ridiculous amount of clothing for the 70-degree weather: puffy jackets, snow pants, hats and mittens. All of the clothing looks completely new.

But after a few minutes of sitting on the snow, the 1-year-olds are crying – a lot.

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