What Everyone Is Reading This Week

Apr 28, 2014

Credit Rui Dias-Aidos

In the midst of the passing of one of our own, there is news of a possible alternative to I-95. Our #ThisIsWhere poetry series comes to an end this week, environmentalists tour South Florida, and technology and classical music collide on South Beach.

Train Is The New... Train? I-95 Traffic Helps Resurrect Old Miami Rail:  I-95 successfully managed to end passenger rail service in South Florida. The same highway that killed off the train system may now be the driving force in its resurrection.

Listen To A Memorial Feature For 'Sounds Of The Carribean' Host Rich Davis: Rich Davis, host of WLRN’s late-night music program, “Sounds of the Caribbean,” died this past Wednesday in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Davis’s program was Miami’s longest running Caribbean music show. Click below to hear a tribute to "the man inside your radio."

Vote For Your Favorite #ThisIsWhere Poem! The end is near -- of our #ThisIsWhere poetry contest that is. Click the link to see if you or a friend are a finalist and then join us at Miami Club Rum on  Wednesday, April 30.

Environmental Orgs Tour Miami Sites Affected By Sea-Level Rise: Environmentalists toured South Florida areas that have felt the impact of sea-level rise. The tour came in light of Sen. Bill Nelson's  organizing a field hearing on climate change and sea-level rise.

Tech And Classical Collide Harmoniously In Miami Beach: The New World Symphony in Miami Beach is closely analyzing how technology is changing music and how the organization will adapt by hosting the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop.