Wednesday Nights! It’s The Best Of British TV & South Florida Stories

May 9, 2014

You can find the best of British comedy and drama every Wednesday night on WLRN Channel 17, followed by WLRN’s original documentary special on Hialeah Speedway.

Doc Martin: The Departed (8:00 p.m.) 

Doc Martin

Martin goes to London for an interview and lies about his fear of blood. On the train back to Portwenn, the passenger seated beside him has a medical emergency. Louisa takes a school trip to Aunt Joan's farm that leads to a lawsuit.

Midsomer Murders: Things That Go Bump in the Night, Part 2 (9:00 p.m.)

Midsomer Murders

Fletcher's Cross undertaker Patrick Pennyman is found dead in his own chapel of rest with a shocked look on his face. Suspicion points at the local spiritualist church which is heavily controversial in the village. Barnaby and Scott try to uncover the mysteries of the church as well as trying to unmask the brutal killer. They have to interview the undertaker's former business partner who hated the man, a handyman with a mischievous personality and a womanizing pensioner. And when another murder is committed the village unleashes its full evil potential.

Hialeah Speedway: No Guts, No Glory (10:30 p.m.)

WLRN’s original production highlights the legendary Hialeah Speedway in Dade County, Florida and the lives it touched for over 50 years.  The story begins back in the early 1950’s when an organization called the Greater Miami Racing Association decided to start a racetrack. They built it in the middle of nowhere, a sleepy little farm town west of Miami called Hialeah…and the fans started to come.