We Have A Winner In Venezuela, Or Do We?

Apr 15, 2013

Nicolas Maduro, heir to the late Hugo Chavez, appears to have won Venezuela's presidential election.

A Venezuelan flag waves in the wind. The South American nation voted over the weekend but the election result is being contested.
Credit Guillermo Esteves

But it's by a margin so thin that opposition candidate Henrique Capriles is challenging the legitimacy of the results, demanding a full recount.

Maduro, acting president since Chavez's March 5 death, held a double-digit advantage in opinion polls just two weeks ago, but electoral officials said he received just 50.7 percent of the votes compared to 49.1 percent for Capriles. With nearly all ballots counted, that's a difference of about 300,000 votes.

The Miami Herald's Jim Wyss has been following the results in Venezuela from the capital of Caracas, and tells us what happens next.

Listen above.