Voting "To-Go" In Hollywood

Nov 6, 2012

 While many waited for hours to vote today in Miami-Dade, for some, voting was breeze in parts of Broward. Wait times of an hour or more had evaporated to virtually nothing by lunchtime, when Constance Ann-Getchoff arrived to vote, happy that she had waited until election day, and didn't stand in line toearly vote.

At Hollywood's First Baptist Church Tuesday morning when voting wait times were up to one hour.
Credit Phil Latzman
"When I saw the lines, I'm glad I didn't. But next time, if I'm still alive I will do the absentee ballot."  Getchoff voted for President Barack Obama. Tony and Maria Zulim of Hollywood are Croatian immigrants who cast a rare vote in a Presidentialelection because they believed in Mitt Romney. "I voted (for the) second time in forty years.  First one was Ronald Reagan, and second one is Romney. We don't want to go another four years suffering." said Tony Zulim Maria, his wife of 39 years, agreed. "I wish Romney would win so we would head in a better direction."

By lunchtime at Hollywood's First Baptist Church, morning lines had virtually evaporated.
Credit Phil Latzman

As a result of a lawsuit settlement with the Florida Democratic Party yesterday, Broward voters who aren't able to make it to their regular polling location, can also request and cast their absentee ballots in-person at the counties election headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and Lauderhill until 7p.