VIDEO: A Chat With Terence Cantarella About His Tropical Adventure

Mar 18, 2013

Terence Cantarella, the man behind the the Canoe Project here at WLRN, had a chat with The Miami Herald‘s Michael Alen this week about waking up at day break, not sleeping well, and other aspects of spending four days straight in a canoe.

The Canoe Project was an idea of Terence’s to shed some light on the unrecognized backdrop to our lives here in Miami-Dade: our city’s vast network of canals.

Here’s a video Michael put together of his chat with Terence:

“Four days on a canal is pretty much all I could take,” Terence says, when Michael asks him what is going through his mind as end of his journey draws near.

“I will be happy to have a shower, have a good meal and sleep in a bed,” he tells Michael.

When asked what has struck him the most of the canals, Terence says that “canals have bad reputations, [but] they are not as bad as people say they are.”

“Mostly it is odd that we have these wide waterways that nobody uses,” he continues. “I have pretty much been by alone the entire. I have hardly seen anyone at all.”  Terence highly recommends such an adventure to anyone  interested in learning more about Miami-Dade.