Video: Behind The Scenes Of Our Education Reform Conversation

Oct 11, 2012

Missed the Tell Me More radio special yesterday? No worries: the education reform debate continues online.  

NPR's news-talk program Tell Me More was in the WLRN studios with StateImpact Florida all day for an extensive discussion on education in America. 

Tell Me More and StateImpact Florida asked:

Who is responsible for making our schools better? What role should teachers, parents, the government, and private sector, be playing right now? Who is stepping up to the plate—and who isn't? Our conversations are focused on K through 12, but if you are interested in education, we are interested in you.

After the live broadcast, the debate continued on Twitter. We planned to keep it going until 6:oo p.m. last night. But as you can see, the conversation keeps going: