Update: Organizers To Beef Up Security At South Florida Races

Apr 16, 2013

Update 5:11 p.m. - Organizers of the Mercedes Benz Corporate Run races in West Palm Beach tomorrow (Wednesday, April 17) and Miami next week (Thursday, April 25) say both events will be held as planned but with additional security measures in place.  


It isn't just Boston that's been affected by the bombing. Two major road races here in South Florida may also fall victim to the blast.

Organizers for the Mercedes Benz Corporate Run say they are having to rethink hosting of two races this month. One is scheduled for tomorrow in West Palm Beach. The other is on April 25 in Miami. The two events are expected to bring big numbers to the area. The Miami race has already attracted a near record 25,000 participants.

But it's the increased security that is likely necessary that is worrying Hans Huseby, from Team Footworks, who organizes the event. Huseby says road races aren't like say a football game or baseball match. They are more open. And the sheer number of competitors, along with the nature of the races, which winds its way through neighborhoods on residential streets, make security difficult.

"I'm not sure it's possible in Miami," he said. "It's a big can of worms, but hopefully we can come up with answers today."

Huseby is meeting with police and fire officials later this morning to hash out what security is possible for the two races and if the races should go on.

"Right now, I just can't say if they will," he says.

But the bombings have affected more than just the physical races. Huseby says the psychological sense of immunity many racers enjoyed has now gone. Running is widely enjoyed and until yesterday, widely seen as harmless.

"You know running is looked upon by most people are pretty innocent, pretty benign," he said. "So to attack something like this, well, it's a double shock to me. I mean, no one hates runners."