Truth Be Told

Dec 18, 2017

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Set in Australia in the 1950s, "A Place to Call Home" is a compelling and romantic story of one woman's journey to heal her soul and that of a privileged family rocked by scandal. 

TRUTH WILL OUT: Sarah's annoyance at the invasion of her privacy turns to anger when she is questioned by Jack about what was discovered in her room - that Sarah is not her real name. She refuses to answer his questions, unwilling to be drawn into a defence of her character when she is the one who has had her privacy invaded. When Jack persists in demanding an explanation, Sarah does the one thing he never would have expected and quits.

9pm THE QUEEN AT 90  History

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned longer, visited more places, and met more people than any British monarch. Now she's marking a milestone of a more personal kind, Her Majesty's 90th birthday. "Downton Abbey" star Elizabeth McGovern narrates this unprecedented look into the life of perhaps the most famous woman in the world. We look back on her remarkable 63-year rule, and gain intimate insights from Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and other members of the Royal Family.

 SIX QUEENS HENRY VIII - Drama-documentary series in which historians bring to life the scandal, romance and betrayal that characterized Henry VIII's six marriages.

Divorced, beheaded, died. Henry VIII is the most infamous monarch in English history. Famously he married six times over his 36 year reign. The six queens were formidable individuals. Some were ambitious, some brave, some ruthless and between them they shaped the man who began as a Renaissance prince, became a monster and ended a regretful old man. In turn they shaped England itself.

Presented jointly by two young historians, Suzannah Lipscomb and Dan Jones, this is an original and enlightening look at the real people at the center of the action during one of the most turbulent, passionate and violent periods in English history.

IN THIS EPISODE: Jane Seymour gives Henry the son and heir he craves, but dies days after giving birth; Henry is convinced to marry again, but he discovers too late that Holbein's painting of Anne of Cleves is deceptive.