The Truth About Lions- The End Of The Road

May 17, 2013

Lion in Kenya

The lion’s nature makes it both complicated and fascinating. Lion expert and BBC Big Cat presenter Jonathan Scott  has lived in Kenya, East Africa , and watched the most famous lion pride in the world, the Marsh Pride,  for more than 30 years. With the help of the latest lion research from Professor Craig Packer  and team at the Serengiti  Lion Project, Jonathan takes a fresh look at the lions he knows so well.

Jonathan Scott  reveals why male lions have a mane and why murderous stepfathers are an important part of lion family life, and discovers why being social brings unique challenges for the survival of the species as a whole. Living in prides once helped the lion to be the most widespread lion mammal on earth after humans, but now could be the downfall of the species as it is increasingly restricted to small parts of Africa.