There's Just One More Harlem Shake Video You Need To See

Mar 18, 2013

This palm tree is ready to rock.
Credit satit_srihin /

We've all seen the Harlem Shake videos on YouTube: the Miami Heat Harlem Shake, the underwater diving team Harlem Shake, the Florida Senate pages' Harlem Shake. It was hilarious for a while, until it wasn't anymore.

But there is one that still has me laughing - the Harlem Shake "Tree Version."

We see a lonely palm tree, high up in a cloudy sky, minding its own business.

What can this possibly become after the breakdown?

Ten palm trees moshing in what appear to be hurricane-force winds, obviously!

The video's poster, Andrew Samole, upstaged all the people who took an hour or more out of their day to create their own Harlem Shake. Miami's palm trees have been rocking out for years and this sums up their journey through the months of June and November pretty well.