Is There A Humane Way To Execute?

Nov 1, 2013

Though the legality of the death penalty is settled, the way that we do it is not. Several Florida death row inmates have filed suit to challenge the state’s use of a drug mix they say won’t prevent excruciating pain during the execution.

Miami killer Thomas Knight, one of Florida’s longest-serving prisoners on Death Row, will be executed Dec. 3.

The federal government’s health insurance website is not the only government website having trouble.  A new Florida system that was supposed to make filing for unemployment benefits easier has been filled with its own glitches.

And while Governor Rick Scott was touring the state this week to tout job growth, does he deserve the credit? Part of Scott's problem is that it’s not clear that Enterprise Florida, the public-private state economic development agency, has done much to help the economy.

Plus we look at the other competitive mayoral race this season - in Homestead.  And is British superstar David Beckham bringing major league soccer to Miami?! Or not. 

Host Tom Hudson speaks with Steve Bousquet from The Tampa Bay Times, Gina Jordan from WLRN-Miami Herald News, Brendan Farrington from the Associated Press, Lidia Dinkova and Michelle Kaufman from the Miami Herald and Elaine del Valle of Political Cortadito