Supreme Court Decision Does Not Slow Down Hobby Lobby's Move Into South Florida

Jul 10, 2014

It's business as usual for a national craft and hobby store at the center of a national debate over birth control and religious freedom.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that for-profit companies like Hobby Lobby are not required to provide employees coverage for birth control if it conflicts with the owners' religious beliefs. 

Credit Nicholas Eckhart / Flickr

Opponents of the the decision have protested at some of the chain's 600 locations nationwide. 

But the decision has not stopped the chain's move into South Florida, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Hobby Lobby plans to open at least four South Florida locations in addition to a store in Davie, which has been open since April.

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast told the Sun-Sentinel that they are worried about the employees who will lose access to birth control. However, they have no plans to protest outside the South Florida Hobby Lobby stores.