The Sunshine Economy: Health Care & Hurricane Insurance

Sep 23, 2013

A top hospital CEO promises to say how much his hospital gets paid for procedures. The top hurricane insurance boss warns about his firm’s ability to pay.


Coming up on Monday's The Sunshine Economy, hear some of our best moments from movers and shakers in the South Florida economy.

In May on The Sunshine Economy, CEO of Mt. Sinai Medical Center Steve Sonenreich ‪pledged to make public the prices his hospital charges insurance carriers for common procedures. Hear his big promise again, and how he’s working toward fulfilling it.

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We also revisit a conversation with the boss at Citizens Property Insurance, Barry Gilway, as he continues trying to move Florida homeowners to other insurance carriers.

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In August, The Sunshine Economy sat down for a rare dual interview with the superintendents of Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Broward County Public Schools. Both Alberto Carvahlo and Robert Runcie, respectively, discussed further implementing Common Core education standards while also criticizing the state of Florida for the lack of clarity on school testing.

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