Sh*t Happens in Portwenn and Mayhem in Midsomer

Dec 5, 2017

8pm DOC MARTIN: Sh*t Happens - Comedy/Drama - When an epidemic of diarrhea strikes the village the doctor takes immediate action. This, however, does not go down well with the population.

Dr. Martin makes his on-air debut at Radio Portwenn, the local radio station, and, no surprise, he's not a natural in front of the microphone. Meanwhile, a nasty stomach bug is sweeping through Portwenn. People are dropping like flies, and filling Martin's office. Martin decides he must try to track the source of the bug, and looks to the public swimming pool. When the pool staff refuses to shut it down, Martin makes an announcement to everyone in the pool about something dangerous in the water, creating mass panic.  

9pm MIDSOMER MURDERS - Crime Drama - Set in modern-day England, the story revolves around Chief Inspector Barnaby's efforts to solve numerous murders that take place in the idyllic, picturesque but deadly villages of the fictional county of Midsomer.

Dead Letters - Midsomer Barton is celebrating Oak Apple week when tragic mother Marion Slade is found drowned. It looks like suicide, driven by grief for her dead daughter, a former carnival queen. Barnaby investigates and is shaken by two villagers who look like murder victims from his past. When another body is found, it appears the festivities have stirred up a cocktail of adultery, contempt, unrequited love and revenge lurking within the village.