Senator Trying Again With Texting Ban

Nov 27, 2012

A state texting and driving ban could pass next year.
Credit Jason Weaver /Flickr

For the fourth year in a row, state lawmakers are going to take a stab at passing a law that would ban texting while driving all around the state.

State Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice, has introduced the ban: Senate Bill 52. Her bill was among a small list of bills that have been introduced already for the upcoming Florida Legislative session, which starts in March 2013.

In the past, a statewide ban has sputtered through the Legislature and has failed to pass because some members in leadership positions have considered it either an infringement on personal liberties or a law that is simply too difficult to enforce.

However, pressure has been mounting to pass such a ban as texting and driving continues to be a serious public safety issue all around the country.

Florida is one of just 11 states that don't have laws making texting while driving illegal.