Searching for Broward’s Underappreciated Buildings

Jun 5, 2012

Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Mar-a-Lago National Historic Landmark. City Park Municipal Garage.

Does something from the above list feel out of place?

In a recently released list from the American Institute of Architects, the sole building from Broward County that made the rank among the 100 top buildings in Florida was a parking garage.

That just can’t be.

While Miami-Dade County to the south boasted 22 on the list, and Palm Beach County to the north racked up 13 buildings, there seems to be a void in the middle. Can Broward County really be so- blah when it comes to architectural excellence?

We here at WLRN have decided that instead of writing a strongly worded letter to the judges that we would go the the source – you – to ask you what architectural gems might have been overlooked. If there is a building in your vicinity that shouts “BROWARD,” then we would like to hear about it.

In the following weeks we will be compiling your submissions and mapping them, along with photos to be submitted to the AIA.

You can submit your buildings through through the Public Insight Network.