PhilanthroFest Held Again For Miami's Non-Profits

Apr 15, 2014

Estrellita Sibila started PhilanthroFest 3 years ago, it continues to connect non-profits in the community with people who want to get involved.
Credit Wilson Sayre

What do the Parks foundation of Miami Dade, The Awesome Foundation and the Wounded Worriers of South Florida all have in common? They were participants in the third annual PhilanthroFest held this weekend on Miami-Dade College’s Wolfson Campus in Downtown Miami.

People slathered on sunscreen, milled around the dozens of Little white tents and talked community engagement. 

While this year’s festival was a bit smaller than previously — there was some confusion with its new application process — the fest continues it mission to connect non-profits of all varieties with each other and interested community members.

“In Miami particularly, we were trying fight the brain drain,” said Estrellita Sibila, the festival’s executive director. “[We are] trying to make sure that people are establishing roots in the community, making sure that they have opportunities for engagement that really aligns with their passions and values so that they can feel that they are part of something bigger… and something that's really valuable to them.”

Throughout the year, the festival will offer seminars about how organizations can continue the work they did this weekend using social media and other digital tools.