Haiti Earthquake
11:07 am
Fri July 16, 2010

Patrick Farrell: An Audio Slide Show From The Quake


Miami Herald photographer Patrick Farrell has been traveling to Haiti for years.  In fact, it was has evocative work about the victims of Haiti’s disastrous 2008 storms that won him the Pulitzer Prize.

In this audio slide show, Farrell offers his account from behind the lens.  He talks about what he saw when he arrived in Port-au-Prince the morning after Haiti’s horrific quake, and on several subsequent reporting trips.

“It’s such an important story,” Farrell says of the quake, which claimed nearly 300,000 lives.  “If we ever cover anything worse than this, I imagine it would be the end of the world.”

Farrell is also committed to keeping Haiti in the news. ”That’s kind of the trick,” he said. “They’re going to be suffering for 10 or 12 years from this same thing… How do you keep the attention there, and how do you keep people interested in helping?”