A Night of Pure Drama

Oct 10, 2017

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Drama series focused on a woman who returns to Australia after WWII with hopes of a new life, and her impact on a wealthy family who struggle to accept the social changes of the 1950s.

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY - Elizabeth suggests that James spends a few days in Sydney with Henry before it becomes impossible because of the impending election. Olivia agrees to James's departure and takes the opportunity to confront Harry who is staying at Roy Briggs's farm.

9pm QUEEN VICTORIA'S CHILDREN - History/Docudrama

Queen Victoria's relationships with her children were complex and tumultuous. Behind closed doors, royal domestic life often seemed like a battlefield. This episode concentrates on Victoria's relationship with her daughters. It looks at how, after Albert's death, Victoria clung to and bullied them and arranged their marriages. In response the princesses fought back, becoming independent women determined to find love and fresh purpose. From sculpture to medicine, the daughters became champions of women for a new era.

10pm IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Queen Elizabeth II - History - Follow Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable life from youth through her 60-year reign.

Queen Elizabeth II

Follow Queen Elizabeth II's remarkable life, from her youth to her uncle Edward VIII's stunning abdication, and her father's coronation as King George VI. She defines the role of a modern monarch, leading the Royal Family and her subjects through the challenges of post-war reconstruction, decolonization, conflicts in South Africa, Northern Ireland and The Falklands, and the difficult days after Princess Diana's death.