NEWSCAST: What Happens Next With The Affordable Care Act In Florida

Nov 13, 2012

Florida is considering its options while refusing to implement the Affordable Care Act.

Governor Rick Scott has been a harsh critic of the health care reform law. Under Scott’s administration, Florida lead the Supreme Court case against it.

But the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act and last week, Florida voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have banned the individual mandate. That leaves Scott in a tough spot for someone who would rather not implement the law.

“The governor has said that his mind is not changed because of the re-election,” says Miami Herald health care reporter John Dorschner.

Don Gates, incoming head of the Florida Senate has said that as much as he doesn’t like the Affordable Care Act, it’s still the law.

“Gates thinks that the Florida legislature has got to take a serious look at it and try to figure out a way that they can work with the feds,” says Dorschner