NEWSCAST: A Light At The End Of The Election

Nov 9, 2012

For those of you who are keeping track of when the rest of the country might quit talking about Florida and its voting delays. It should be tomorrow afternoon - that's "should." That's according to the Department of State. But notice when Chris Cate the spokesman  speaks, he uses the "R" word.

Don't Give Up Just Yet.
Credit Daturamar

 "It'll technically be unofficial results, but it will be enough that we could make the decision on the recount or not. And in terms of the presidential race, if we don't make that recount call on that day, you should expect that whoever's leading the race at that time will be the ultimate winner when we certify the results," says Cate. President Obama is leading Mitt Romney by about 60,000 votes out of 8.4 million cast. That's outside the one-half of one percent margin that would trigger a recount. The Romney campaign says it expects to lose Florida's 29 electoral votes. "We could have done better. We will do better," says Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner.