NEWSCAST: 'Bright Futures' Could Be Changed

Dec 13, 2012

Most students who receive Bright Futures scholarships would have to stay in Florida after graduation or pay back the money under a law proposed in Tallahassee.  If approved, he law would take effect with the 2014-15 school year. The bill was filed by Republican Representative Jimmie Smith. He
University of Central Florida Students inside Student Union.
Credit hsembrano
   says a graduate must stay and work in Florida six months for every semester the Bright Futures scholarship is used. If the bill passes the Florida Legislature next spring, graduates must show proof of residency and employment each year. Students on Bright Futures who don't finish school would also have to reimburse the state. The proposal makes some exceptions. Military members on active duty would be exempt. The new restrictions would take effect in two years, at a time when Florida's unemployment rate is forecast to still be above 8 percent. Still unclear is how the Florida Department of Education would get the money back from graduates who have to take jobs out-of-state.