Nature's Most Vulnerable

Dec 13, 2017

7pm PENGUIN HOSPITAL - Nature Documentary 

The documentary PENGUIN HOSPITAL introduces viewers to Africa's only penguin species and the Penguin A&E workers who keep them healthy. These bubbly birds, which live in Cape Town, one of the busiest cities in South Africa, cause chaos wherever they waddle. Their interactions with humans and beasts threaten their future, but fortunately, a team of dedicated heroes step in to ensure their survival.

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Penguin A&E (Accident and Emergency) rescues more than 1,500 penguins every year, and the team works 24 hours a day to provide care and medical assistance. Each episode finds hospital workers facing new challenges, from shark bites, fish hooks, and fleas, to long-term recuperation and release. No two penguins are alike, and their stories of survival are as unique as the individuals who have made it a life mission to provide for them.

8pm NATURE: The Cheetah Children  - A cheetah mothers her five newborn cubs on her own, protecting them and teaching them how to hunt on the African plains.

Nature: The Cheetah Children
Credit PBS

Life on the African plains is a constant struggle, but for a single mother rearing her offspring, the odds seem to be stacked against them.  This is an inspiring tale about motherhood and family, as we follow a cheetah family on the grasslands through the eyes of conservationist and cameraman Kim Wolhuter.  The mother is completely on her own, protecting her five newborn cubs and teaching them how to hunt some of the continent’s fastest game.  Watch as the inquisitive cubs explore the world around them and discover their place in the forests of Zimbabwe.  Over time, two sister cubs survive and develop into brave and successful predators ensuring their species will give birth to another generation.