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Jul 15, 2014

Doc Martin (8:00 pm)

Mother Knows Best - Louisa's mother arrives unexpectedly and she is far from happy about her arrival.

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The first annual Portwenn charity fun run leads to a rivalry between Bert Large's restaurant and a local pub. Louisa's mother, Eleanor, shows up unannounced, and while Louisa isn't happy to see her, the baby is sleeping more soundly under Eleanor's care and proves to be a very useful baby-sitter - until it transpires that her soothing herbal infusion that she put in the baby's food contains alcohol.

Last Tango in Halifax (9:00 pm)

Celia and Alan's relationship falters over Celia's behavior and the wedding is called off. Furious, Caroline chastises her mother, who apologizes. The next day Celia is shocked to learn that Alan has had a heart attack. Remaining by his bedside, she tells him the wedding is back on.