Monday Nights! It's All About Nature On WLRN!

Feb 9, 2014

Starting at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, February 10, tune into a night of nature! Discover the crested black macaque, the plight of the penguins and the jungles of Africa!

Nature: The Funkiest Monkeys (8:00 pm)

Nature: The Funkiest Monkey

There is an unusual looking monkey called the crested black macaque that is endemic to rainforests in Indonesia, which includes the island of Sulawesi. These striking black primates, sporting punk hairstyles and copper-colored eyes, first caught the attention and won the heart of wildlife cameraman and biologist Colin Stafford-Johnson 25 years ago. But since then, their numbers have dropped by almost 90 percent, so the filmmaker returns to the island to discover why and how he could help.

Upon his arrival, Stafford-Johnson finds a very different looking Sulawesi. An island once entirely covered in forest, is now undertaken with new roads, people and buildings.

Wild! Penguins Under Siege (9:00 pm)

Wild! Penguins Under Siege

This is one penguin’s dramatic story of life and death, set against the backdrop of one of the harshest coastlines in the world, the Skeleton Coast of South Western Africa.  Lucy and Sam are vulnerable penguin chicks born in a harsh environment where dangers await them at every turn. Watch their dramatic story unfold in this illuminating look at the daily lives of these African penguins and whether or not they will survive against impossible odds.

Wild Africa: Jungle (10:00 pm) 

Wild Africa: Jungle

The Green Heart of Africa - A giant green belt at the heart of Africa, tropical rainforests are the continent's most vibrant expression of life. This episode explores the jungles, which stretch nearly 3,500 miles.  To survive Africa's rainforest is to grasp what rare opportunities you can.