Miami Outlaw

Mar 18, 2013

Terence Cantarella takes in a stray and battered dog–a pit bull.  It’s illegal to have a pit bull in Miami-Dade.  The dog is also kind of crazy. Cantarella tries to find a way to get rid of the dog that sits well with his conscience.  It doesn’t quite work out.

The pit bull ban in Miami-Dade may be reversed. The Florida Legislature is discussing bills during their 2012 session that may veto any laws outlawing a specific breed of dog.

This is Terence Cantarella’s second personal essay for Under the Sun. His first story was “Rosa’s Corner” which he performed at our live Lip Service show.

The songs in this piece are by “Waterfall” by Raffa & Rainer and “You Give me Problems about my Business” by Gainesville’s The Mercury Program.