Megaships and Secret Missions

Jul 5, 2017

8pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS - History - Explore how the Nazis built some of the biggest, deadliest pieces of military technology.

HITLER'S MEGASHIPS - Learn about Hitlers dream to build the biggest Navy in the world. When Hitler comes to power he strengthens all his military forces, but his weakest is his Navy. In violation of the Treat of Versailles Hitler embarked on a program to build massive battleships but was only able to produce two; Bismarck and Tirpitz. To the frustration of his naval commanders Hitler found the ships far more valuable as propaganda weapons then warships. But they were obsolete almost as soon the they were launched and both succumbed to the emerging dominance of air power.

9pm WORLD WAR II: THE PRICE OF EMPIRE - The history of the Second World War.

THE BEGINNING OF THE END -The momentum behind the allies increases as the Red Army begins its remorseless advance that will end in Berlin.

The Allied leaders, including Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, are confident enough to meet for the first conference in which the coordination of their efforts is discussed, at Casablanca. As 1943 moves into 1944 the momentum behind the Allies simply increases. An entire Japanese Division is destroyed at sea (The Battle of the Bismark Sea) and the Red Army begins its remorseless advance that will end in Berlin.  


Weighing in at 53,000 tons and boasting a crew of 2,000 sailors, the Tirpitz was Nazi Germany's most powerful battleship. Protected by an elite squadron of fighters, this potent symbol of Hitler’s naval power seemed invincible. Despite the formidable obstacles, Winston Churchill (who dubbed the behemoth “The Beast”) made its destruction a top priority.



Using eyewitness accounts from the surviving Royal Air Force crew, one of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots and German sailors, THE DAMBUSTERS' GREAT ESCAPE tells the story of what was perhaps the most important and daring mission carried out by the legendary RAF squadron.