Mass Gay Marriage Wedding Won't Discriminate: Straights Welcome, Too

Dec 29, 2014

Credit Peetje2 / Creative Commons/Flickr

If you were to pick the most likely city for a gay marriage celebration, it might very well be Fort Lauderdale, which has been attracting lesbian and gay tourism for decades.

According to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, last year 1.3 million LGBT visitors spent $1.4 billion in Broward County. Now, the bureau's expert on gay travel, Richard Gray, says plans are being made for the 100-couple wedding, which will be a model of inclusivity.

"Doesn’t matter of their sexuality. Because love is love, whether you're gay, bisexsual, lesbian or transgender. Or heterosexual," Gray says.

The person who officiates at the wedding has already been chosen but his or her identity has not been disclosed. Depending on how remaining legal issues are settled, gay marriage could begin in Florida as soon as Jan. 6, 2015.