Male Eye Candy Is Good For Drama

Mar 3, 2017



Hans Matheson, a Scottish blue-eyed hunk, plays Johnny Jackson in Jericho.  He describes his character as a “flawed” but “lovable rogue”, who is seeking redemption from actions committed in his past. Indeed, this is a role that Hans in many ways reprises, having often played the dark hero throughout the course of his career.

Hans Matheson (born 7 August 1975) is a Scottish actor. His parents were Sheena, a therapist, and Iain, a folk musician and painter. As a child, Hans' parents Iain and Sheena often took him and his younger brother to folk festivals and Bob Dylan concerts. 

Hans claims to have been a shy and introverted child who was not happy at school. He left school and, at the suggestion of his mother, auditioned for drama school: Avondale Hall in Clapham.

His first break on the international arena came with his casting as Marius in Bille August's production of the Victor Hugo classic Les Misérables (1998).

Some of his most notable film and television roles include The Virgin Queen, Deathwatch, The Tudors, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Clash of the Titans and as Aeschylus in 300: Rise of an Empire.  

Hans is not only a talented actor but plays guitar, violin and harmonica and writes his own songs. He prefers the simple things in life to pursuing fame and fortune. He takes his guitar with him everywhere and prefers to travel by train rather than by air, even if the trip takes days.